what to look for in a good driving school

What to look for in a good Driving School

When looking for a good driving school or instructor, first take into account a few things.

Once you’ve received your provisional licence, you may want to jump into finding an instructor to help you get the ball rolling. However, you shouldn’t settle straight away. If you end up choosing the first school you find, you may find yourself making an error in doing so. A good driving instructor or school will have a large pass rate and great recommendations and testimonials from friends and on their website (if they have one).

Instructors with a Grade 4 or higher from their annual Standards Test should be considered above¬†other instructors you may have found. Grades can go up to A/6 which equates to an excellent instructor. ¬†There are many other differences between good and bad driving instructors that you will be able to notice yourself when researching for yourself. One of these differences is price. Even though it’s tempting to pick a school or instructor because of their cheap prices or deals, ask yourself why their prices are so low. Are the normal prices high and the current deals are low? Or is the grade of the instructor low from their Standards Test? The age of a car will not matter when learning to drive, so long as it’s ready to be on the road and is as safe as it can be for learner drivers. Instructors could also charge less if they have a low recommendation rate or low pass rate.
The only reason a driving school or instructor can charge more is in the case of their high pass rate and/or they teach learner drivers in a premium car, for example a BMW.

When researching hopeful schools or teachers, always read the fine print. There could be hidden charges on schemes run by a driving school. For example, if you find a school with a guaranteed pass crash course, it may not tell you how many lessons you need – meaning that in the long run you may end up forking out more money than you ever intended on spending.

When you think that you have found the right instructor or driving school for you, make sure that everything sounds right about them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the state of their vehicle or for their current Standards Test Grade. Be sure to ask questions regarding individual pick up, for example will they pick you up from school/home? And charges for standard lessons without deals or the prices for a crash course.

Above all else, have fun when you’ve found the right instructor for you! The best part about learning to drive can sometimes be the company you keep along the way. If you find an instructor you actually get on with outside of the driving aspect, then even better.

If you’re struggling to find a good instructor, this government website lists the majority of driving school and instructors in your area. Alternately, you can google local driving instructors or even find some schools on Facebook and Twitter. However, the easiest way to find a great teacher is through recommendation. Ask your friends and family before going through the formal routes.