learning to drive UK

Learning to Drive

Before learning to drive in the UK, you must purchase your provisional license. You need this to pass both your theory and practical tests. You can apply for and purchase your provisional on the government website. Before you apply for a provisional license, you must make sure that you meet the requirements in order to purchase one. You must make sure you meet both the national minimum age (17 and over), and the minimum eyesight requirement test. You must also have a UK passport, an NI number and an address. Once you have these, you can then purchase your license for £34. Once this process has been completed, your license should be with you within the next week (if applying online and not over the phone).

Once your license has arrived, you can start looking for driving instructors. Some instructors charge around £20 an hour per lesson – however many offer group bookings with a large discount. For example many driving instructors will offer a group booking of 10 lessons for £180. It’s best to “shop around” before commiting to a driving instructor, however. Read up on reviews and their pass rate with learner drivers. Once you have found the right instructor for you, contact them directly to get the wheels moving.

There are two tests to pass in order to get your pink license, which allows you to drive. You must, ideally first, pass your theory test. This comprises of the theory test and the hazard perception test, which must be completed in one sitting. The theory test involves answering 50 questions – all revolving around driving. These can range from questions about driving on the motorway, or about when to use your hazard lights. The hazard perception part of the theory test involves watching a short video from a driver’s point of view. You must click the mouse every time you see a potential hazard in the road ahead. The result from both parts of the theory test are then added up, and your score will be given to you once leaving the test room. The second test is the practical test. Upon completion of this test, you will be a fully qualified driver. Both the theory and the practical test can be booked by either you or your driving instructor. The practical test comprises of two maneuvers and unassisted driving for 10 minutes. Your maneuvers can range from reversing into a bay, to making a turn in the road. All the maneuvers which could be asked of you will be taught to you by your instructor well before your test. Unassisted driving requires that you follow signs on the road until you have shown to your test invigilator that you can drive unassisted, this usually lasts for 10 minutes.

If you fail either test, you can reapply as many times as it takes to pass. Once you have completed both parts of your driving test, you are a qualified driver and can pursue buying a car or Pass Plus. Pass Plus is a course you can take after you have your pink license. On this course you will learn how to drive safely and on the motorway. A pass on the this course can lower insurance premiums on your first car, and ensure safer driving.