contacting the DVLA for a provisional license

Contacting the DVLA for a provisional Driving License

When applying for a new provisional license, always contact the DVLA directly.  There are other sites on Google that offer to sell you provisional licenses for all vehicles. Some of these sites may in fact send you a license, but it may not be legal, and could be massively overpriced and not worth your time. You should never have to pay more than £34 for your provisional driving license, which is the standard price on the government website. The government site from which you can buy your license will have a government symbol and .gov instead of .com in the url. Be weary when searching for the website, it will come up on the first page of your google search.

Once you’re on the DVLA site, you will need a few things handy before starting the process of ordering your provisional license. You must be a resident of Great Britain, this means England Wales and Scotland. There is another DVLA service for Northern Island, the DVLA site will redirect you. You must also meet the minimum age requirement (17 and over for a car license) and meet the minimum eyesight requirement. As well as this, you must have a valid UK passport handy, your NI number, and your address – which you must have lived at for at least 3 years. If you’re applying for a provisional license for a moped or small quad bike, the age requirement is 16 and over. The time it takes to process your application and send out the license to you is roughly one week. By applying online, you agree that the DVLA can share you personal information with the HMRC and the DWP to confirm your details. Once you have purchased your license, you can track the progress of your application using their online portal. For this you will need your government gateway user ID and password, which would have been created for you when you purchased your provisional license. If you forgotten or misplaced yours, there is a forgotten password link that can help you with this.

There is also another way in which you can apply for your provisional driving license. You can send your application by post. Simply fill out a D1 form, which you can request from the DVLA ordering service, or from the post office. Once this has been filled out, you can send the form, and original documents that confirm your identity – including a colour passport style photograph to the DVLA Swansea, SA99 1AD. You must also include a cheque or postal order of £43 – sending money is unfortunately not accepted by the DVLA, and the amount will be sent back to you.

For more information on any license, for lorries cars or motorbikes, telephone the DVLA contact number. Here you can find handy tips on saving money and guides on safe driving in the UK. As well as this, you can search for any query you have on the website, and you will be taken to the relevant page, which should hopefully answer any questions you have.